Our statement

Lobco is your active partner in Public Affairs. The world of policymakers and government institutions holds no secrets for us. Thinking in terms of solutions is in Lobco’s DNA. You are rightly counting on the right results with your company or organization. That is why every strategy or campaign that the Lobco team develops is maximally targeted.

Lobco makes an efficient link between your problem or opportunity and the authorities that can positively influence the result. When your professional ambition is thwarted by policy obstacles, we offer an appropriate and sustainable answer with Lobco.

Our services

Because laws and regulations are constantly evolving, our team at Lobco works with you to ensure your interests and concerns are addressed in all aspects of the decision-making process. Thus, we endeavour to bring about the optimal functioning of your organisation within the legal framework.

Promoting interests

At Lobco, we speak the language of permits which drastically reduces the timeline between the creation and realisation of your project. This means that we are pro-active when it comes to tackling possible delays in permit procedures because our ultimate aim is to launch you on the road to success. We can do this because of our extensive network, built up over many years within politics and administration. Lobco supports you in this process. From beginning to end.


Lobco’s priority is to create, build and protect your reputation. In fact, we make it our mission to strengthen your reputation, utilising our communication skills, expertise and active approach towards policymakers. Furthermore, we can support you in growing your corporate reputation and help you maintain a competitive advantage.

Reputation Management

Lobco understands the challenges involved in supplying to the (semi-) public government. We have been through it all, which is why we can use our influence effectively. Paving the way for you through the complexity of the government and administration. We make complicated situations transparent to you and facilitate constructive dialogues: all aimed at your (organisation’s) goals.

Business 2 Government

“Win first,
fight later.”

Quote from the Hagakure
To Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Would you like more information about what we can do for you and our operating method? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Together – and at no obligation – we will work out how Lobco can offer you a solution.